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Whenever your child is absent from school, please send a brief note to the teacher to say why he/she is away and for how long. If it is a planned absence such as a visit, holiday, etc. it is best to advise us before you go.If absence is due to illness or injury which will involve some lengthy absence, please advise us as soon as possible. A phone message is adequate and it helps us greatly if you can do this during the first two to three days of the absence.


It is necessary to send a note to advise us if at any time your child is to leave the school grounds during school time, to purchase lunch, attend special lessons, medical treatment etc.


Late Arrivals at School:


If a student is late to school he/she must:

  • Report to the office to receive a late note.
  • Take the late note to his/her teacher.


Leaving School Early:


If a student needs to leave school early, it is necessary for the parent to call at the office where a note will be filled out and forwarded on to the teacher.


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